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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 28, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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go to the alive after hours show right now. nts. for matt and kmele, i am kennedy. thank you for watching. good night. >> good evening obama chooses the west point commencement address to declare to the world he is not a weak leader. on three separate occasions push back against criticism of his lead from behind asylum reliance on international support for foreign policy. >> a lot of skeptics who don't appreciate multilateral action international editions like the u.n. or respecting international law is a sign of weakness. i think they're wrong.
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>> to present on one hand proclaimed united states must lead on the road stage because'' if we don't know what else will. ''. before calling on partners or partnership to achieve his goals, 16 separate times in a speech. washington post editorial board did not like the speech and they blasted the president writing'' obamacare continues his retreat. the president's policies have remained consistently bad. , . >> what is the obama doctrine? speaker lovely and carry a soft stick. the new year time stick issue with the contradictory statements on ending the war in afghanistan this year. the editorial bow wrote'' mr. obama has strike dealt the biggest part of the withdrawal for two years.
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and now wants to leave more troops there and tell the end of 2016. his promise to end the war would be honored until he's out of office''. mr. obama reminded the cadets that terrorism remains the greatest threat to our nation. >> for the foreseeable future the most direct threat to america at home and abroad remains terrorism. but the strategy involves invading every country with terrorist networks is the band and sustainable. lou: we will take this up in moments talking to retired major general and west point graduate and also tonight the president has ordered from a security to delay an important to review of deportations until the end of this summer. to of the best political analysts in the country will be taking up the amnesty
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agenda. and the battle six other candidates from georgia we're joined by jack kingston who tells us why the tea party failed in georgia and why he will win the runoff. president obama did not mention the veterans affairs scandals despite those relying on the the air with their health care. congressional republicans have never want answers and they want them out. holding a rare nighttime hearing with top virginia officials and is scheduled to begin within this hour. we will go live. tonight's hearing coming just hours after the official watchdog for the v.a. released a scathing report that says the v.a. has a systemic problem with critics that lie about patient wait times for trout
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this report looking into the facility were 40 veterans allegedly died while pleading for treatment. according to the inspector general into reports, a 1700 of our veterans were left off the official wait list and those who were had to wait an average of 115 days for the first appointment for care. v.a. secretaries in secchi said the findings are reprehensible. he did not offer his resignation. the first guess as to devastates is withdrawing from the world stage and our enemies are standing in line to grab the political and material spoils. joining us is retired major general, fox military analyst.
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this beaching commencement address at west point, a first your thoughts about the consistency and the foundation for a view to the future? >> first of all, the speech was all over the place clearly written by a committee. but what i find interesting is the underlying themes that the united states will withdraw from the world stage slowly by increments and see areas of the world to our enemies that are imported to vital national interests specifically in the middle east and in central europe in the divided and the only thing he mentioned that was the least bit offensive was the desire to put it to asia to confront the chinese. but clearly war college won
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a one. whenever you create a vacuum with global affairs, somebody fills it. always there are any number of factors hatter is anxiously seeking to fill the void left by the withdrawal of american military power. first with nato than the middle east. lou: you were once a cadet listening to a commencement speaker. it did seem to you this is the commander in chief speaking with greater authority with energy and inspiration to the future leaders of our army? >> interestingly that was for it -- 30 years ago and mac panera said we would win in vietnam. but the kennedy pay any price speech but the
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president tried to cover all the bases in 20 minutes and tried to sound assertive but if you read between the lines particularly with our enemies slowly the pullback the taliban started the clock at 8t months live in the last of the combats would leave the country. lou: turning to the v.a.. obviously a lack of integrity with the leadership of the v.a. or this would not be happening not to the men and women who serve this country in uniform. your reaction whether or not general shinseki should resign? wateree doing having a discussion about it? why aren't we doing something?
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and why are these the "journal" of investigations and studies have a very clear statement about the leaders? >> i suffered from agent orange disease and i had to wait a year and a half to get into the benefits office. i understand. stop the studies. stop the finger-pointing. fix the problem and treat the veterans. the simple solution i have been talking about over one year is simply to give these veterans who wait more than two weeks vouchers to go to any clinic in their area to get the problem taken care of and the clock resister and date number 1d number 14 they get a voucher and and tell the virginia gets its act together and fires the necessary people and cleans house, the clock will check on the sick veterans. let the world's greatest
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health care system take care of these veterans until we get our act together. lou: general, as always, a good to have your. -- here. a pre-emptive strike on the limits of greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants. president obama himself is expected to roll out these regulations and a speech scheduled for monday but today the chamber released his report saying the proposal could cost $50 billion per year and cost as many as 224,000 jobs through the year 23. -- 2030 edward snowden is rejecting the notion he was so low level systems administrator. here he is in his first network tv interviews.
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>> i was trained as a spy in the traditional sense of the word living and working in a job overseas pretending to be a job that i was not and assigned a name that was not mine. >> secretary of state john kerry fired back spinet the bottom line is this is a man who has betrayed his country sitting in russia, an authoritarian country where he has taken refuge. he should man up and come back to the united states. lou: we are coming right back. >> president obama can bring himself to report on deportation instead he hopes john cater will somehow push emigration legislation through a the house. of next. are the republicans crazy enough, done enough to fall
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lou: the president guess ptt to pass an immigration overhaul of some kind this summer, white house official said today that president asked head of homeland security to hold off on a completion of his review of deportation policies until the end of august, giving house republican leaders more time to consider the possibility of legislative action and perhaps its political impact. that review of deportations, a potential precursor to more obama executive actions on immigration, it was originally scheduled to come out early next month. lou: 3 more democratic senators
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have joined in call for veterans affair secretary eric shinseki to resign, iraq war veteran john walsh, and vulnerable democrats kay hagen and mark udall making those calls on a new ad. >> senator mark sits on the veteran's affairs committee, his response, if there is a problem, they need to fix it. if there is a problem? now some senators are blocking ing bipartisan legislation to shake the v.a. and enforce accountability. when veterans are dying it is a problem. lou: joining us now, columnist for the hill, juan williams, and former political reagan drag director ed rollins, we start
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with the v.a. can this president, continue to stonewall a scandal of this dimension affecting so many of our veterans? >> this something people understand. you don't get to see a doctor when you are sick or you need, they think that everyone who serves, they need to be taken care of, they are not, it could could be like karina, which -- katrina, this was breaking points for george w. bush, people say, at-this-point i may disagree with the to the on a lot of things, but i coul but ip hepbgcompetent if they they cane care of our veterans. lou: it is incompetent? >> no, i don't think that at all. but i think that ed has an important points. which is that if you think back
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to the failed roll out of obamacare with computers and the like, his number one domestic priority, his legacy item, if you will, in terms of his presidency, he could not get it right, we come back now to veterans department, and people say, this is something you have to get right for our people for our soldiers for people who put themselves on the line, yes, we well two difficult wars, we have all sorts of people alive now who would have been dead in past wars, yes have you done something about the backlog, but why can't you immediately solve the problem of a secret waiting list? it looks like a case of corruption affecting our most vulnerable people, and no clear and quick resolution. for that, the danger is, you are incometinincompetent, dude. lou: and again in a verdict on this administration.
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administration, he is talking about immigration at the same time, we are talking about our veterans being poorly treated, in some cases dying, wants treatment. this assault of the wrong signals -- this is all of the wrong signals and tones taken and very little accomplished. >> biggest issue is, americans made a decision to have a voluntary military, their sons and daughters did not have to get drafted, we have had have a proportion al-milhtary -- professional military, we have, that we will take care of tm with an obligation. they will have head injuries and have long-term, we as a nation we havwe have a right to take cf them. lou: let me say to that, if i may, i believe that these were sons and daughters of all of americans, not 4% of the americans, a group that has become something of a special group of americans.
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under themselves. i think that this would not be tolerateed for a moment if this were affecting every family in this country, this is one reason that i firmly would love to see the draft instituted without question, if they are going to be burdens and sacrificeed it should be across, then i will shut up. >> couldn't agree with you more. >> juan? >> i agree with you, but you know, politically, it is a nonstarter. it foes nowhere -- it goes nowhere, if you say just do public service in terms of serving your government. >> we're not going to abolish the volunteer army but we better fix this thing to take care of off troops, but as president points you on we run veterans hospital, they are best run in america, highest satisfaction
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rate in the country, that is bunk today and proven every debut stories coming out. >> no, no, it is still the case that people, older veterans think a lot, of the healthcare offered by v.a. the ratings are better than general healthcare system. lou: we have become a society, and perhaps a chattering class that often rely on polls, and survey, there is a reality of what is happening, that is in our v.a. system, is disgusting, appalling and painful. >> you are going overboard, you are going way overboard. when i go -- >> i get to go overboard. i get to change the subject under guys of a time constraint. >> this is walter -- visit walter ride you will be proud. lou: i have, i have been in military hospitals with our
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wonderful staffs of the hospitals, who give such great care. and i made that points a number of times, but reality is, for hundreds, thousands, of veterans, the v.a. system is failing, we have to acknowledge that, and move on to get it fixed. >> i'm with. >> you, i agree. >> let me turn to the speech at westpoint. your reaction? >> not inspiring to a group of young future lears of the military. it looked like a weak leader, justifying all he has done. i worked for a couple of presidents, i wan a president to do well in particular in front of that audience,. lou: juan? >> i thought it was a pragmatic look at way the world is today, it really was, cutting back in terms of saying here is what an aggressive forward looking america, american military would be up to, he said we are not going to be a country that is going to war any more, he is defineing his presidency as not
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the george w. bush presidency with that speech it seems to me. lou: why would it take him 5 years to say he is not george w. bush. a question -- you know, in all seriousness. it is good to hear a president talk about the limits of power. it is good to hear this president talk about military adventureism at an end, it will upset some on right, he will upset some on the left. but suggesting that we be engaged in the world. but i do' to give him credit for talking about limits of power. it is -- it requires a much longer discussion, then 20 minute speech at westpoint. but i think he is on the right track there. at least. juan williams thank you. >> ed rollins thank you. >> thank you. >> great to be with you. lou: to latest to marine jail for two months in mexico who case has been all but ignored by
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boobama administration. by the president. publicly. 25-year-old sergeant andrew, today had his first hearing in court, after he was arrested on march 31, as he mistakenly crossed border with registered his registered guns in his pickup truck. there was not -- we're told much progress, because the sergeant fired his attorney for allegedly telling him to lie to mexico an authorities. he is scheduled to appear in court again with a new attorney. that hearing is sit for next wednesday. >> we have yet to hear the president of the united states speak about a man who is an active member of the u.s. marine corps, and who is a veteran of the conflicts in afghanistan and iraq. be sure to vote in on-line poll, do you believe it is disgraceful that president obama hay been unable to bring home marine
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saeurpblsergeant tamarisi and ht mentioned his name since high was jailed in mexico? >> here are last night's on-line poll hraoults, d results. >> do you believe president obama will ever remove al all of our troops from afghanistan, 21% said yes, 79% aid no. >> quotation of the evening. we thought it appropiate to quote maya anjelou, said one is know necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential, without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistenty, we cannot be kind, true, merciful, generous or honest.
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lou: coming up here in just moments we'll be joined by congressman jack kingston, telling us why the tea party is flaming out in georgia, whyly will wileahy will win the run on july, and wild be joined by -- we'll be joined by radio hosts. but first, a few thoughts on the obama administration's outing of top cia official in afghanistan. a disclosure portrayed by just about the entire media, as an accidental leak or clerical mistake. the white house is now investigating itself, investigating how the officer's name, was september out in an e-mail on -- sent out in an e-mail to thousands of journalists saturday, putting
10:29 pm
the life of that spy and his family in danger, i am very skeptical, and stunned by the number of reporters and columnists who are compliant in their acceptance of this station chief prone blown cover, an act by obama administration strikeed in seemingly every story as accidental. >> i tweeted over the weekend, quote, accidental, stays who? says who? the same administration that is investigating what the administration did and said, is there any member of liberal national media who still has sufficient, and independent -- far less than straight with media. with the public? i handful of former intelligence officials also spoke out. former cia director michael haze en said, it looks like a rookie
10:30 pm
but this is year 6 of the administration. >> pete, said, this is not the president's first trip overseas. these kinds of mistakes, is pretty inic use i'l economy usex usable. and valley plame, quote, astonishing. all those former intelligence operatives and officials accept it was a mistake. just as the obama administration told them. perhaps that is because this administration is so hapless, so incompetent, one more mistake that destroys one intelligence
10:31 pm
officer's entire career, is believable. to report in the most dangerous region in global war on radical islamist terror, i believe that 5person or persons responsible should be spend is prison, anything less would demonstrate only a little regard that white house has for those who risk their lives, to serve this nation. a commencement address to future leaders of the army would have been an appropriate setting to communicate that respect, and concern and promise action. rather than philosophy about use and limit of american geo political initiatives and military force. >> up next, he survived a 7 way race for republican senate nomination in georgia, and now,
10:32 pm
has a heisman trophy winning football star on his campaign team, congressman jack king ston, joining us hire next. >> johnny football, really?
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from paperwork to pickup, okay, litt tiny baby? your car is ready, and your repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own it. the progressive service center -- a real place, where we reay manage your claim from start to finish. really. ♪ easy as easy can be bye! >> joining me now, congressman jack kingston, great to have you with us, congratulation on staveing off all that competition to get into the run off. your primary was billed as a tea party defeat. is that your judgment as well? >> not at all, lou. i have a 96% rating with american conservative union. nrarating a plus, national journal said i had most conservative voting record no
10:36 pm
the race. i think, in reality conservative branch of party did well, i am working hard to make sure we keep it in the family, so to speak. i would say that georgia tea party, conservative. branch of republican party is in great shape. lou: and tea party supporting you? you -- maybe far more important than that, you have hershal walker on your side. >> you know. hershal walker is a guy that everyone in georgia loves, everyone in -- i think america loves hershal walker, i am proud we have newt gingrich. and eric erickson, and karen handle, and we have very solid conservatives who have come to our side, we're delighted to be working with them. lou: chamber of commerce.
10:37 pm
i've been saying to the republican party som for some t, you better start talking about people who are doing the work, small, men and women who work arfor a living, middle class, yu being supported by chamber does not mean you will forget those folks. >> i am proud to have the chamber's endorsement, they are number one jobs advocate in america, we have a 100% lifetime rating with national federation of independent businesses that largely is suspect outed by smaller -- supported by smaller businesses, i come from main street, i have a business background, i am very sim theftisympathetic to main stree. lou: and you and michelle nun n if you prevail, calling for shinseki to resign, do you think that is his fate? >> i think so, but it should not stop there, there are a lot of
10:38 pm
people who were playing games with the waiting list. you have to have it cleaned up. you know last year, we intrer introduceed anment in that was passed in -- an amendment in the house was passed said if v.a. did not clean up their backlog, salaries in administration would be cut across the board by 25%, you have to have that approach to send a signal, not just through the v.a. but other federal bureaucracys as well. lou: congressman, sharing picture with you, is one of the dr. lynch, one of those three who are testifying to before the house. veterans affairs committee. we want to let audience know that hearing has begun, we'll go to it here on this broadcast. i know you are eager for a run off, to be had, that comes up on
10:39 pm
july 22. what do you think is the -- i know you think you are prevail. what makes -- when gaves you our greatest confidence? >> well, we believe that we're right on the issues. our opponent has come out, with tax increase, and flip floped a number of other issued and sat on the board of a company that received stimulus money. so, you know we believe that this is a case of a tested, proo,proven conservative versusd moderate fli philliposer. -- bli flip flip-flopper they cn pea--can compare my record with. lou: we appreciate it. congressman jack kin stopbg thank you so much. >> now, our word of the evening, modesty. humility, moderate, simple, a
10:40 pm
freedom from vanity, not a lot of modesty in washington these days, or olden days either. time for a few of your comments we received with react to the administration outs of cia station chief in afghanistan. >> it is incredible. isn't it. free copys of my book border war to our yo authors of the questi.
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cowritten with. did i mention, buy border war. we're coming right back. >> president obama laying out his lame duck agenda. today, foreign policy. next week, global warming. the a-team talk radio host dana lash, and richard fowler on the epa, al qaeda, and others on the run. we're moving our company to new york state.
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lou: joining us now host of the richard fowler radio show and radio talk-show host and author of the plays tv network. let's start with west point. richard, one of the most confusing analysis of geopolitics i have heard by a president for are you
10:45 pm
clear which direction we're headed after listening? >> he laid a clear direction and things are happening but what he is saying is don't put men and women in harm's way is how to win back the global fight. first rebuild the economy second to use drones, a special ops to solve some of the of world's problems and right now it is war on terror. if we continue to lead on that and that is the way to go for me. lou: how can the president lead on that during this election he explains that the al qaeda is on the run and general motors is just fine? >> i appreciate you having me on. i was confused by his speech particularly that part that was just reference. when he said just because we have the hammer doesn't mean every problem is a nail. but the the war on terror
10:46 pm
because just this week it was revealed secretary of state carry hopes to pledge $50 billion of funding and take care programs but also we are questioning where that money is going and also the commitment to syria and rebels to "usa today" and other networks discussed how these rebels have pledged allegiance to al qaeda. we don't know to whom we are sending money also talk about arming rebels i have to question the the war on terror with that. >> wait a minute. we saw ronald reagan and give money to the taliban in the same situation. we have the best way to create stability in the middle east more than just but bins but diplomacy.
10:47 pm
>> i understand why this president talks about changing the runs and everybody else's track record. >> while we constantly using it for him to change policy? lou: that we ask a question. why wouldn't the president have talked about the veterans affairs scandal for future leaders? why would he not have talked about what the sergeant held in the mexican prison a man whom he has not spoken are taken action to remove? it seems important fact of life as we talk about his foreign policy into military leaders. >> listen. when it comes to veterans' issues sadly their role is
10:48 pm
on the schwartzman of the stick after world war i or world war ii we see the country neglect our veterans he is not the first president to make a mistake but how do we fix it? lou: first george bush know every president? >> we always have an issue with our veterans and treating them with respect. but how do we fix that? >> i cannot wait to see those reports to see someone take action. >> with that play die have to disagree because we saw shinseki integrated into his possession with that 40 day rule he failed to implement and enforce but then spending for the veterans affairs budget since then 11 increasing at 200 percent and we're failing to manage properly.
10:49 pm
the president has failed. lou: thank you for being with us. a reminder to vote is a disgraceful the president has been unable to bring home the marine sergeant and has not even mentioned his name since impco? we will be right back simic the search for life on saturn a form of artificial life on the internet? the latest from best-sellbest-sell ing author tells us all about all the crack and project. next.
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lou: search for extra tes extral life, backdrop for thriller from douglas preston, his new book, the kraken project, exploring what happens when technology designed to advance mankind begins to turn on its architects. douglas great to have you, congratulation on a new book, a terrific thriller. how does this -- did you decide, why did you decide to make it the center piece of what drives your thriller? >> well, nasa is planning a mission to the great moon of titan, only moon that has oceans. they are of thai methane not the water, they are dropping a boat or a raft into a sea, the kraken sea, perform first extra
10:54 pm
terrestrial sea voyage, i was thrilled to hear about this mission. the problem is that this raft is going to have be artificially intelligent. a 4 hour trip, through light to you know come go. >> earth to titan and back. so, they can't control the raft from mission control. the raft has to makes it own decision,. lou: hence the ai. >> and well behaveed as we learn from another writer, clark, there is an important set of values that have to be present in that, whether it be hal or dorothy. >> they -- nasa they talk about the hal problem, they are terrified of putting artificial intelligence into a space craft, because what happens in if 500 million dollar staeu spacecrafts a wrong decision.
10:55 pm
lou: your book is a -- page-turner. it can be read in a very short time, you look at all concepts you are dealing with. the most complex issues facing up. technology issues and a spell binder to boot. how much damage, what you -- technology, what you project in ththe book is realistic. >> all of it, it is science almost fact. for example, i was at cia headquarters a couple year ago they have a museum of gadgets there from 1960s, declassified. not open to the public. but i have have a mechanical fish and a dragonfly, to fly into a room, gather intelligence. i thought, wow, if that is what they had in 60s, what do they have today. lou: nano technology.
10:56 pm
a long with a i, -- is that possible you think right now? >> it, i found out, you know i am a novelist, people say to me, that, they are working on miniature drones, i call home drone sects, in a are the size of a fly or largeer that will gather intelligence, fly band will actually perhaps engage in asasassassination. they require artificial intelligence, they can not be controlled with a human operator like our drones today. lou: are we smart enough to create artificial intelligence that will repair to highest standards in values, even though ours has not, the kraken project, douglas preston, great to have you here, much luck with the book. >> thank you. lou: s us soon oline, on sale,
10:57 pm
and bookstores everywhere. that i is it for us, we thank yu for being with us, tomorrow night, house judiciary committee night, house judiciary committee chairman, joining us tomorrow
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